16.08.15 Susai, Predeal – Recovery of 4 fallen soldiers


During the day of 16.08.2015 the R.M.A team discovered a WW1 mass grave in the Predeal area,  containing the remains of 4 Romanian soldiers. The place of the recovery was the scenery of heavy clashes between the Romanian army and the Austro-Hungarian one. The particular spot of the mass grave was located on an altitude where the A.U. breached into the Romanian lines, forcing them to retreat in a hurry. The time frame associated with the findings is the “Battle of Predeal”, an episode that happened in October 1916, when the Romanian troops fought in order to block the advance of the A.U. army trough the Carpathian mountains.



One of the strategic altitudes was the Susai hill, located in front of the Predeal rail station. There, the 21st Romanian Division fought the 76th German Division and the 8th Hungarian mountain brigade. After rejecting several attacks, the Romanian positions on the hill were destroyed by a very heavy artillery shelling, which started on the 12th of October and lasted until the 17th, when the A.U. troops attacked the remains of the 21st Romanian Division, gaining the hill.

The mass grave was located close to the hilltop, and by the remains’ position we deduced that the bodies were put together, one on top of the other, and that all were Romanian soldiers, judging by the personal items found on site, such as Romanian buttons (marked Ancora Galatzi), or coins (10 bani 1906).




Unfortunately, we didn’t find any dog-tag related to the bodies, only a few personal items and elements of clothing. All the remains was declared and handed to the authorieties, which will provide a proper burial in the local military cemetery.

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