16.09.15 Busteni – Recovery of 7 fallen soldiers


One month after the discovery of a WW1 mass grave, our team reported a very similar situation, also located on the WW1 battlefields of the Brasov area. This time the digging was triggered by high signals coming from several uniform buttons, which lead us to other, deeper signals.



After expanding the first hole, resulted from the buttons recovery, we recived new signals in the bottom. We found out that the signals were coming from several military boots spread in an area of around 2x2sqm. Together with the first pair of boots, we saw a shin coming out of one of the boots, andwe realized that probably we stumbled again on a mass-grave.

11056621_489758881201491_8473374925355780920_n 11204453_489758987868147_3240648892071789123_n 11987211_489758757868170_7376706136381433293_n


After some other bones discovered in the grave, and with the certitude that we found another grave site, we carefully recovered what was already in the hole, covered in the pile of dug soil. So we had the occasion to recover several coins, both Romanian and German, one mantle in decent state (which probably was coming from a Romanian boarder police officer) several shovel, one bayonet, and 3 Romanian dogtags. We decided to extract what still visible, in the hole’s walls, so we recovered some 3 almost complete skulls, one porcelain denture, several uniform buttons and other bones. After a first examination of the items, we discovered that the coins were in silver, and since we also found that porcelain dentures, we began thinking that the remains probably weren’t of a regular trooper, but probably coming from an officer.

12002907_489758904534822_8772525602507156084_n  12027750_489759124534800_8123201696254750896_n


The tags comes from the Romanian RGT 73 INF, which was one of the deployed in the terrible battles of the Brasov area. One of the tags have scratched on it the name ”Lazar Dragulin”, with the city indication ”from Isaceea”.

After sorting what came out from the hole, we contacted the authorieties, following an already known procedure. All the human remains and with all the material requested by the state police officers who took over the case, where handed to the authorities, together with all the information coming from the identification disks.

11999003_489760187868027_144029536977611580_n 12004956_489760127868033_4140957219306026808_n 12009684_489760211201358_7189169169803518587_n  IMG_3298 IMG_3305

We were told that the remains will be buried in the local WW1 Mausoleum, like in the case of the remains discovered in the previouos grave site. The discovered grave reported the remains of several soldiers, mostly probably Romanian, considering the discovered artefacts. We were able to certify the remains of at least 7 bodies, by the number of maxillary bones. After some time, the police told us that after some first interventions and research, it seems that the grave contains easily more than 10 bodies.


In the same hill where the grave was discovered, we dug out also two belt buckles in very good shape, one one Hungarian and another Austro-Hungarian.

12006359_491621417681904_7497587873444897791_n FullSizeRender-1  IMG_3315 IMG_3330



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