M35 German helmet – cleaning and restoring project


German helmet M35DD model: a post 1940 texturized ”camouflage” paint can be seen on the exterior, under it you can also see the original green-olive paint, typical for the early M35 model, like both of the decals. The interior presents the original green-olive paint.
Manufacturer ”ET” Eisen-und Hüttenwerke, AG Thale/Harz, size 66.
The helmet was recovered from the Mizil area, Romania, October 2015.

11229550_498434423667270_7036140389546660789_n 12063611_498434563667256_5022317323580919150_n 12107111_498434477000598_7967269901070141405_n 12108219_498434503667262_1890021828900321838_n 12112419_498434400333939_2931762683542918285_n

Finalization of the cleaning and reconditioning process of the M35 Heer DD German Helmet, having the post 1940 texturized paint.
Cleaning Method: gradual baths of oxalic acid (not by immersion)
Preservation Method: Renaissance Wax.

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