The Carpathian Campaign 1916


The biggest part of our relics comes from the context of the WW1 Romanian Carpathian 1916 campaign, when the Romanian troops were forced to retreat from the Ardeal region, forming a resistance line on the Carpathian peaks. The Carpathian defensive line represented the last obstacle for the German and Austro-Hungarian troops to flood the entire country, so the Romanian soldiers launched themselves in desperate battles.


The shortest way for the German army to reach the country capital was to pass trough Bran and Predeal, both towns which became the scenery of terrible battles and accompanied by heavy artillery shelling.


On those peaks and mountain passes the Romanian troops defended the positions suffering heavy losses, being also technical overwhelmed by the enemy, which disposed of constant artillery support and resources.




In the last two years we explored several of those battlefields, recovering a large quantity of objects, and also a lot of materials that became useful for institutions/historical researches.


_MG_435710177230_422210031289710_1733468048903684475_n 10398035_431507953693251_1450589990833404251_n 10408505_422207397956640_6116353456137406917_n  11037509_422211424622904_7174232088383271936_o 11108584_422210104623036_6815970389418912253_n 11109161_422207304623316_1333480079520237984_n

11130142_422207254623321_1662299147091979138_n11128139_422207464623300_6840447044866666416_n  11134163_422210434623003_8735909267090313996_n 11137174_436445786532801_5937606648074238528_n 11139956_434331123410934_3606385600314665794_n 11139965_422664681244245_6447677642900768910_n 11146263_422219781288735_3297340043658804521_n 11148382_431507930359920_6438285007672321005_n 11150144_422208824623164_5813525829534654228_n 11178348_431506837026696_7440873034656395801_n 11183450_430536920457021_5452209381404775168_n 11193338_431506543693392_6998628320020703146_n 11209707_433839260126787_133232082155639172_n 11242197_434331326744247_5300676825392573326_n 11255225_436446429866070_603644296495762229_n 11257764_436444966532883_8786418792915900369_n  11904674_477183352459044_8810083663809903696_n 12036666_491021974408515_4558299136159810256_n 12049657_491021997741846_1119363378757793292_n 12107831_497491717094874_7102796614934364305_n

This is the ”playground” where the R.M.A. team put the base of this project.





Many thanks to Valeriu Catalineanu for the pictures.


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