Romanian and German WW2 belt buckles


Sometimes digging isn’t only about recovering items from the underground, but also somehow a ‘’state of awareness’’ which makes you always search around you, mentally digging for ‘’that something’’ that will trigger the joy or the collector instinct.

This time we want to highlight two interesting belt buckles, both found in Romania, one dug out, the other found in a flea market for around 20-30eur.

The first one is a German belt buckle in iron, assigned to the SS troops, the manufacturer is JFS Josel Felix Sohne. This one was found in a Romanian flea market. The second is a Romanian brass buckle, assigned to the Royal Guard’s divisions to be worn with the dress uniform; this last one was recovered from an area where the battle for Oradea took place. The Romanian buckle was worn by officers during WW2. In Oradea, the Romanian troops found themselves against the new German enemy, which only few weeks earlier was the Romanian ally in the Axis. Fought in ’44, the battle involved, besides other units, the ”Tudor Vladimirescu” Division together with elements from the 61st Soviet tank Division. They encountered the 76th German Infantry Division, 23rd Panzer Division and 3rd Hungarian Army.



Both buckles are pretty rare within the Romanian territory; the German one especially, and no collector seemed to have  come across it, since it popped up at only 30eur. The Romanian, of royalist, interwar production (’34’-37), is generally rare, hard to find both in local flea markets in collectors. In the last 2 years i saw only two…which were coming from the Russian front, so not local dug outs. I must add that this buckle model represents a last moment of design and somehow symbolistic charge, offered by the Regal crow in relief; the following standard Romanian buckles will adopt a plain form, without any marking or symbol, their quality being also reduced.



Unfortunately we weren’t able to find any pictures of the Romanian buckle worn other than the dress uniform version.


2 thoughts on “Romanian and German WW2 belt buckles

  1. The “Romanian iron buckle” is actually made of brass. This model can be found from time to time on okazii and olx sites at silly prices. Keep up the good work. 😉


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