The Carpathian Campaign 1916

The biggest part of our relics comes from the context of the WW1 Romanian Carpathian 1916 campaign, when the Romanian troops were forced to retreat from the Ardeal region, forming a resistance line on the Carpathian peaks. The Carpathian defensive line represented the last obstacle for the German and Austro-Hungarian troops to flood the entire country, so the Romanian soldiers launched themselves in desperate battles. The shortest way for the German army to reach the country capital was to pass trough Bran and Predeal, both towns which became the scenery of terrible battles and accompanied by heavy artillery shelling. On … Continue reading The Carpathian Campaign 1916

16.09.15 Busteni – Recovery of 7 fallen soldiers

One month after the discovery of a WW1 mass grave, our team reported a very similar situation, also located on the WW1 battlefields of the Brasov area. This time the digging was triggered by high signals coming from several uniform buttons, which lead us to other, deeper signals. After expanding the first hole, resulted from the buttons recovery, we recived new signals in the bottom. We found out that the signals were coming from several military boots spread in an area of around 2x2sqm. Together with the first pair of boots, we saw a shin coming out of one of … Continue reading 16.09.15 Busteni – Recovery of 7 fallen soldiers

16.08.15 Susai, Predeal – Recovery of 4 fallen soldiers


During the day of 16.08.2015 the R.M.A team discovered a WW1 mass grave in the Predeal area,  containing the remains of 4 Romanian soldiers. The place of the recovery was the scenery of heavy clashes between the Romanian army and the Austro-Hungarian one. The particular spot of the mass grave was located on an altitude where the A.U. breached into the Romanian lines, forcing them to retreat in a hurry. The time frame associated with the findings is the “Battle of Predeal”, an episode that happened in October 1916, when the Romanian troops fought in order to block the advance of the A.U. army trough the Carpathian mountains. Continue reading “16.08.15 Susai, Predeal – Recovery of 4 fallen soldiers”