23.10.15 Iasi

  In the last days of October, we had the occasion to visit some friends of ours located in Iasi, so we had three days of prospecting on the battlefields of their area. All the region is crossed by trenches, both in the open on the hills, and in the woods. The area hosted the first phase of what is known as ‘’The battle for Romania’’, a context where the Soviet troops after having forced the retreat of the Wehrmacht, targeted to break the defensive line of Iasi-Chisinau, destroying the remains of the South Army Group (formed by both German … Continue reading 23.10.15 Iasi

M35 German helmet – cleaning and restoring project

German helmet M35DD model: a post 1940 texturized ”camouflage” paint can be seen on the exterior, under it you can also see the original green-olive paint, typical for the early M35 model, like both of the decals. The interior presents the original green-olive paint. Manufacturer ”ET” Eisen-und Hüttenwerke, AG Thale/Harz, size 66. The helmet was recovered from the Mizil area, Romania, October 2015. Finalization of the cleaning and reconditioning process of the M35 Heer DD German Helmet, having the post 1940 texturized paint. Cleaning Method: gradual baths of oxalic acid (not by immersion) Preservation Method: Renaissance Wax. Continue reading M35 German helmet – cleaning and restoring project